Exhibition vehicle has revealed a new vehicle that will enliven the market which we can call the 2020 Ford Iosis, the exhibition was held in 2006 Paris Motor Show. “We call this auto Iosis as a link that aims to ‘layout on the vehicle’s kinetic’ concept of auto Our family tree has been started in 2012” Marin said Smith, who served as Executive Director of Design Ford of Europe. “The link is not only in name but also a solid aesthetic relationship between the two cars, and ‘X’ is a signal of new vehicle crossover capabilities.”


2020 Ford Iosis Concept image

2020 Ford Iosis Concept

Ford uses the concept for vehicle 2020 Ford Iosis are not the same as the previous generation model, but the model of this vehicle is leading to new models ‘kinetic style’. The principle of the five-door crossover is not planned in this vehicle stands for a production model, but would prefer to “find the portal in the solid and stunning method in the vehicle”. This vehicle is definitely not going to see manufacturing, Europe hopes to be able to see a small crossover models from Ford in about 18 months because they prefer to be in the red-hot crossover market.


2020 Ford Iosis Engine

This vehicle has a mechanism device. Ford has no plan to go and obey the group in the 4 x 4 are almost the same, it will do business only to be able to submit the first indicator of a little mud on the market. Ford already explained that the SUV will be made especially to be on the road. 2020 Ford Iosis is hope that will be achieved for sales to this vehicle. The principle on this vehicle, precise steering and good body roll to traverse the bend. The cabin on this vehicle also shielded from the road, engine and wind noise.

2020 Ford Iosis will perform off-road but also most of the front-wheel drive, in this vehicle brand – new Ford will use the 4 x 4 which can be obtained from the Land Rover Free lander. When the on-board computer can keep track of any slip on the front tires, power is sent out rewards. Effects on the Free lander and the vehicle should not be lacking in auto. Turbo diesel engine in this vehicle is very remarkable that two-liter Ford. It was in use as many strikes and stones on the vehicle can be shared and can relieve. Additional Array on this vehicle will have a 1.8-liter petrol engine and 1.5-liter and Engineers working at Ford add this vehicle to work with the power of bio-ethanol. That’s because the fuel that has generated benefits for fermentation procedures candy and issued only CO2 and water when burned, which had to close anti 4 x 4 whiners up.


2020 Ford Iosis Engine Pictures

2020 Ford Iosis Price

2020 Ford Iosis has a sale on the market value of around $ 18,000 price that is clear and you can see the vehicle also clearly and can you compare the price of the vehicle as above.


2020 Ford Iosis Price Spy Photos