A Capri vehicle has become a vehicle that can only be remembered by us. This vehicle has the slogan ‘The car you always promised yourself’. 1970 Ford Capri GT was first introduced in January at the Brussels Motor Show, with sales to be opened the month after the vehicle was introduced. The purpose of this vehicle is to make North America proud to have succeeded in producing Ford Mustangs in Europe, to produce horse vehicles in Europe.


1970 Ford Capri GT Review Images

1970 Ford Capri GT Review

The car, named Colt during development stage and the vehicle is not yet finished, but Ford did not request maps if the vehicle they have made in the name similar to the Mitsubishi brand vehicles. Ford wants to 1970 Ford Capri GT into a vehicle that is affordable for a large spectrum of potential purchases. To do so, has provided a wide range of machines in the vehicle itself. Many plants in the UK and Germany are producing vehicles but have different line-ups. Models of vehicles in the continent using the Ford Taunus engine V41.3, 1.5 and 1.7 liter displacement, while the English version of the engine that has gained the support of the Ford used Ford Kent straight-4 in 1.3 and 1.6 liter form. Cologne V62.0 L served as initial peak range. Until the end of the latest version of the sport was added: 2300 GT in Germany, using a double-barrel carburetor and 125 HP (92kW) and 3000 GT in England whole Essex V6, capable of obtaining 138 hp (103 kW).


1970 Ford Capri GT Redesign

In April, Ford started the 1970 Ford Capri GT for sale outside Europe, for example in the North American, South African and Australian markets .Version this vehicle has been fully supported by Kent 1.6 engine but the engine is under powered engine, straight Pinto 4 cylinder 2.0 liter replace it in 1971. The American version features new lights and bumpers in the vehicle and do not carry the brand badge. A new version of the 2637 cc V6 Cologne emerged in September 1971, powering the Capri RS 2600. The model of this vehicle uses fuel injection Kugelfischer order to increase the strength of the vehicle to 150 hp (110 kW), and is the basis for the Group 2 RS 2600 are already used in the European Touring Car Championship.


1970 Ford Capri GT Engine pictures

1970 Ford Capri GT Engine

RS 2600 also received a suspension that would modify the vehicle, close ratio gearbox, and relieve bodywork panels, ventilated disc brakes and aluminum wheels are already in this vehicle. 2.6 L engine detuned in September for a deluxe version of the 2600 GT, with 2550cc and double-barrel Solex carburetors. At the beginning of 1970 Ford Capri GT vehicles are introduced, the vehicle is available in Deluxe 1600 or 1600 GT. In February 1970 this vehicle was replaced with a more powerful engine is a V6 3000GT. 1600 XL brought to market just to cover up the death of 1600 GT. Four cylinders Capri get the selling price and the public are also pleased to welcome the vehicle. Sales of these vehicles are very short to spend one-third of all calculations.


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