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How to Get More Twitter Followers Fast!

One of the best ways to promote a blog, product or service is to use Twitter, among other social medias. In this post, I'll show you how you get more Twitter followers very quickly.

While this post is targeted towards Twitter users, the principals can be used for almost any social media.

Header EvaluationLets look at your profile. I will use one of my accounts as a demo. Here's how the profile page looks before we do the work. (@lowendboxed on Twitter)

  1. The icon is unappealing and bland as it's a stock vector image.
  2. What was I thinking with the description (bio) ??? It tells people what I do, but isn't gripping or interesting.
  3. How many times do I need to have "LowEndBoxed" in the header?

We need to really make things interesting for the end user. In a list of profiles, no one is going to notice my Twitter account. Additionally, many people actually read the bio (#2) before following or following back.

LEB-afterAfter 20 minutes work, here's what I did:

  1. I switched out the profile pic with a really bright red arrow and orange background. Bright colors catch people's eye, and make them take notice. Especially red for notices, and orange for clickable buttons. That's what I'm going for. In a twitter feed, I want people to instinctivly click my profile icon and follow me.
  2. I switched out the description to make it a lot more exciting. Saving money, low prices, best deal. A triple play that everyone is trained by the marketing industry to look for.
  3. I switched out the name from "Low End Boxed" to "Best VPS Coupons" just to reduce the number of times "Low End Boxed" appears on the header.
  4. For extra credit, I created a new header background. Babies have a soft spot with most people, and instinctively, people are drawn to cute ones! Also, the arrow now points to the information that I want to pound into people's head... I have the best VPS Deals anywhere (even if I don't, they'll remember that I do).

Now it's time to optimize the BIO! You already see two hashtags in the bio, so I'm currently associating my profile with those hashes. Here's what else I'm going to do:

I really want people to follow, so I added a nice arrow pointing to the follow button. I also added the text, "get the best vps coupons! follow us now!" in a "calvin and hobbes" font.

Notice how your eyes are guided around the profile header from the upper left to the right and then down to stop at the follow button? This wasn't an accident! Every thing I'm doing is to get them to click the Follow button!


You wanna click it too, don't you?

The last thing that's really worth mentioning is that your Twitter bio should be changed on a regular basis to keep things fresh. You can also change your page and profile background often, but once you set the profile pic in the center (Your profile icon) DO NOT change this! This is how people will identify you in seconds. I changed it here for optimization purposes, which can be done in very rare cases. Not that I only had one follower as this is a brand new account, so changing the profile pic won't have a huge impact. I will not change this when I have 5 or more people adding me a day. until then, I'll be optimizing the image to get more notice!

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