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Run Joomla on Raspberry Pi | June 28, 2014


This month is going to be a fun one, boys and girls! We're going to be setting up a Raspberry Pi as a small web server! We'll be loading the latest version of Joomla! on to the Raspberry so that it can be used either at home, at work or out on the internet.

What: How To Run Joomla on a Raspberry Pi (Type B)
When: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 7pm
Where: Detroit Zoo, Ford Education Center Studios (second floor)


Running Joomla! On A Raspberry Pi

Last month, we looked at how you could use Joomla at home for family or home business use, but who wants to leave a laptop or computer at home and on all the time? Using a Raspberry Pi is a much more cost effective way to run a small, light duty webserver from your house. In this meetup, we'll start with a brand spankin' new Raspberry Pi and an 8GB SD Card. We'll load the operating system, install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and then finally, install Joomla!

We'll also show you how to setup your networking in order to access the Joomla site at home and also from work. 

In order to do this, We've purchased the following items at Microcenter:

You DO NOT have to go out and purchase this kit in order to attend the meetup. We will show you what's possible and if you're interested in it and feel up to the task, then absolutely, go out and purchase one!

Running Joomla from a Raspberry Pi is cost effective and also frees up a computer so that you don't have to allocate it to running the site at home.

More information about the Raspberry Pi can be found on RaspberryPi.org

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