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Joomla & WordPress Hosting, Support and Tutorials

  1. Smart Updater Overview
  2. Enterprise Hosting and Support

    Enterprise Services 

    CloudAccess.net is uniquely positioned to combine cloud services with a highly skilled full-stack team. The result is a single point of contact that goes beyond the scope of traditional providers. Our preferred method of engagement is to provide a degree of managed service that allows our enterprise clients to work more effectively by focusing on their core competencies. 

    We have had the opportunity to work with enterprises from around the world. We are well acquainted with the vendor approval processes and are prepared to begin working as an extension of your team. Here are just a few enterprise clients that we have had the privilege of working with: 


    Application Profiling

  3. Free Site Migrations

    Moving a website from one hosting provider to another can be downright difficult. That’s why we include free site migrations with our Standard and Business Plans. Our expert Support Team is trained to handle the many complexities of site migrations. All for the sole purpose of making the process fast and simple for our clients.

    Zero Downtime
    In most cases our team is able to migrate your site, ensure it’s functionality and point the domain name without any downtime!

    Easy as Pie
    We have designed our migration process to reduce web-aches. Just provide our team access to your control panel, and we will take care of the rest.


    Frequently asked questions about migrations:

    Do you use a site migration tool or plugin?
    Yes, however the tool used depends largely on the site and host. Our team is well versed with many different migration tools and we can

  4. CloudBase 3


    User Friendly & Easily Customizable

    With an intuitive user interface and beautiful design, CloudBase 3 ensures a positive user experience. Packed full of administrative features, you can customize the CloudBase 3 to create the look and feel that you're after. There are more color presets, style options, module variations and typography options than most templates you can purchase from a template developer.

  5. Site and Email Migration Workflow

    When dealing with complex migrations, we find it is easier to break up the migration into two sections. If you have choosen a Standard or Business Plan, the CloudAccess.net Support Team can help with many parts of this migration.

    Migrate Website to CloudAccess.net

    Step 1. Import a copy of the website
    By using our automated import function, you will be able to easily move your compressed site and database to the CloudAccess.net Platform. 

    Step 2. Test the Site with your Alternate URL
    Every site on the CloudAccess.net Platform has an alternate URL that is always accessable. Check this URL to ensure that the site is fully functional. Because Joomla and WordPress are built to use “Relative Paths”, there are rarely any issues related to using the alternate URL for testing.

    Step 3. Schedule the Hot-Cut (optional)
    On sites that have ever-changing data, a “Hot Cut” may be necessary.

  6. Free WordPress Hosting

    Born from Open Source

    CloudAccess.net is a hosting company born out of open source values, and we feel that a Free WordPress Hosting option is the best way to serve the WordPress community. Anyone can use our platform to launch a WordPress site and have it hosted for free. We'll provide basic Cloud Control Panel (CCP) features like the one-click Site Replicator and App Snapshot tools. On top of that, we take daily backups of your site for safe-keeping.

    Free WordPress Hosting Specifications

    • 500MB Disk Space
    • 1 CPU Core
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Free Subdomain

    Free WordPress Hosting

  7. Free Joomla! Hosting

    Because Open Source Matters

    CloudAccess.net is a hosting company that was developed from an open source community, and we feel that a Free Joomla Hosting option is the best way to serve the community. Anyone can use our platform, launch a Joomla or WordPress site, and have it hosted for free, indefinitely.

    Clients using the Free Hosting option can instantly launch a fully functional version of Joomla or WordPress. You're free to install the extensions and templates of your choice. We'll provide basic Cloud Control Panel (CCP) features like the one-click Site Replicator and App Snapshot tools. On top of that, we take daily backups of your

  8. CloudAccess.net API

    CloudAccess.net API

    Harness the power of the CloudAccess.net platform directly from your own site. Our revolutionary API enables your site visitors to instantly deploy free versions of an application with your software pre-installed, preconfigured, and ready-to-go.

    Get started

  9. Comodo EV SSL Certificates features

    Comodo Extended Validation SSL Certificates

    EV SSL certificates provide the highest levels of encryption, security and trust and immediately reassure web site visitors that it is safe to conduct online transactions by turning the address bar green on next generation browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 +, FireFox 3 + and Opera 9.5 +.

    Get a powerful Comodo Extended Validation SSL Certificate

    • Full business validated certificate
    • 2048-bit industry standard SSL Certificate
    • 99.9% Browser coverage
    • Unlimited Re-Issuance time frame
    • FREE EV Corner of Trust site seal
    • Free Registration in IdAuthority
    • 128/256 bit encryption
    • Post-Install health check
    • $250,000 Relying Party Warranty

    From $299 per year


  10. Comodo Essentialssl Wildcard Certificates features

    Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificates

    Comodo SSL Wildcard secure unlimited subdomains on your site such as www.yourdomain.com, secure.yourdomain.com and mail.yourdomain.com. One Wildcard SSL certificate saves you money and time by simplifying ssl certificate management - use a single certificate to secure all of your subdomains.

    Get a powerful Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate

    • Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate
    • Full business validated certificate
    • Futureproof 2048-bit root keys
    • 99.9% browser compatibility
    • 128/256 bit encryption
    • Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
    • $250,000 Warranty

    From $249 per year

    Trusted by over 99.9% of current browsers, Comodo SSL Wildcard certificates are the affordable and professional solution for securing


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