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How to install Joomla 3.1 on Cloud Access

Installing Joomla on CloudAccess.net takes only ONE click!

(I'm not kidding on this one guys! Watch the video for proof!)

Cloud AccessI have fallen in love... with how easy it is to deploy Joomla on CloudAccess.net. Sure, they're the Joomla User Group Detroit Platinum Hosting Sponsor, but frankly, the reason that they are is because no other hosting company can compare to what CloudAccess.net offers to the public, as well as our usergroup. They've come up many times in our meetups, but this blog post is just another example of why I'm glad CloudAccess.net is in our corner!

How to install Joomla 3.1 in one click!

Yup, that's right! One click is all it takes. No fiddling with server configurations, no lost time waiting for files to FTP, and best of all, a flawless Joomla installation every time! I've installed four Joomla instances as of this writing, and every single time, I have not had a single issue.

As a JUG Detroit member (or Joomla Affectionado, if you found this page in your search results), you owe it to yourself to try out the install process so you know how easy it really is. Rather than lose time with the installation, now that is taken care of in less than 2 minutes (No Joke)! I can get started on installing the essential extensions I always use, and the theme of choice as well. For the official Joomla Detroit recommendations for extensions and templates, make sure to visit our resource page!

Probably the best part about having Cloud Access is the fact that I can develop before the site ever goes live, and when it's done, the migration is also rediculously simple (just a couple clicks). In this case, I don't even need to run akeeba's kickstart on the production environment -- it's all done by the CloudAccess.net hosting environment!


Here's my new development process on CloudAccess.net

If you haven't done so, go and register a new account first.

Next, in your CloudAccess.net control panel, select "Launch Joomla Application" from the buttons on the top.
Launch Joomla

Now you will want to click the "Joomla Demo" button. This will expand at the bottom of your browser page for Domain choices. While in Development, I select subdomain of CloudAccess.net (checked by default) and enter a subdomain name.
Joomla Demo

Clicking next installs Joomla! That's truly it. In two minutes, check your email (the one you account is registered with) for the installation details, login and password. Installing Joomla on CloudAccess.net is really that simple. I can get right to work developing a new site "behind the scenes".

Fast Forward: Once I have the site development complete, All I have to do is move it over to the production environment. From the CloudAccess.net control panel, Now I select "Joomla Standard Plan" from the buttons, and install Joomla 3.x (or whatever you'd want), and pay for the new instance. If it's your first live site, you'll be charged the standard rate (see CloudAccess.net for pricing). If this is an add on website, you'll only be charged $5 for each additional site you add to your account. This site will use your "real" domain name. The one you intent to be publically accessible. Again, make sure to check your email for details. Once you convert your site to a paid account, you get more resources all around. Your Joomla site will run even faster in full production.

Now here's where the real magic happens. In the CloudAccess.net control panel, I go to my development site listing, and click on "manage" on the far right. A drop down list of options unfolds, and I select "Migrate". I will now select my new production site with the "real" domain name and move the site with one click!

Really, it's that simple. Again, I never had to touch any code, open my FTP client (I use filezilla) or run my SSH client (puTTY). It's all done automatically! One small note: if you are using absolute URLs for images and internal links, you'll have to manually change them to the new domain. An absolute URL has the "http://domainname.com" before the path to the image file or other page. In contrast, the Joomla default is to use relative URLs, so that is just the path to the file, and not the domain.

One note on doing your development this way - the Demo site has a 30 day trial period as it is a demo account. You will have to migrate to a paid account within the 30 days or the dev site will automatically be deleted. Still, CloudAccess.net is really generous with the demo, and it's a full website without additional restrictions. I've never had an issue with the resources they give out on the Demo site.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joomladetroit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/joomladetroit 

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So if you're sick of installing Joomla manually, you need this.
If you are unsure of how to install Joomla on your own, install it with CloudAccess.net

CloudAccess.net really has stepped up for our user group, and we thank them again for their support. The Joomla User Group Detroit website (this one) is hosted on CloudAccess.net. Additionally, the JoomlaDay Detroit and Joomla Michigan sites are also here on Cloud Access. CloudAccess.net is based in Traverse City, Michigan, and Joomla Detroit proudly supports Michigan Businesses!

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