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Why You Should Host Your Joomla Site on CloudAccess.net

CloudAccess.netAs many of you know, CloudAccess.net is the exclusive Joomla Hosting Provider for the Joomla User Group Detroit, but we've never really gone into detail why they are. In this blog article, we'll take a closer look at CloudAccess.net and why serious Joomla! site owners should seriously consider moving their site to Cloud Access.

CloudAccess.net is a Michigan Web Hosting Company

Joomla Detroit supports Michigan Business. Period. We strive to do business with local companies as much as possible. Frankly, we had a choice of going with two Michigan based companies, however, the other company was not specifically centered around Joomla, nor had the excellent reputation in the Joomla Community (which is not to say that the other company was bad, in any way). We wanted to partner up with a company that was well respected, well known, and most of all, knew Joomla in and out. For this reason, CloudAccess.net was the natural choice of hosting providers that we could partner with.

There are other Web Hosting Providers that have built their business around Joomla, but many of them have slowly slid away into building their hosting around other web applications. We don't think any less of them, just we really do like having a company that is exclusively Joomla driven.

CloudAccess.net has consisently supported Joomla Detroit

In anything we have done, Cloud Access has supported our endevours, both as a user group as well as branching out into the community to bring Joomla! to the masses of Gotham City... er... Detroit. :D They are just as committed to the success of Joomla as we are, if not even more. For them, Joomla! provides a way of life and income for the employee's families.

Support for User groups and Workshops

When I was looking for a partner to join me in doing the "Introduction to Joomla" Workshop series, CloudAccess.net not only stepped up to the plate, they provided real answers to some of the issues I was having in getting the workshops off the ground. By providing me access to their exclusive "Joomla in the Classrooms" program, I am able to have enough Joomla installations to teach any number of attendees!

Looking towards the future with CloudAccess.net

CloudAccess.net has already expressed excitement about being involved with the upcoming Joomla Day Detroit event in 2014. They have already committed themselves as the Platinum hosting sponsor, and will be involved with planning.

Cloud Access in the Community

One excellent indicator of a company is what their level of community involvement is. CloudAccess.net has a program called "Joomla! in the Classroom" where teachers are given Joomla! websites for every member of the class to teach and learn about the CMS.

What about the hosting?

400x290First of all, I've moved all the JUG related Joomla sites over to CloudAccess.net with no issues in the migration. Restoring the sites using Akeeba backup was swift, clean and I didnt even have to add a php.ini line, change the .htaccess or mess with the configuration.php file.

It just worked.

Ever since the migration, I've had 100% uptime. Pingdom has NEVER seen any outages which is huge! When I run Joomla! updates, I never have run into issues with the hosting either. It is really worth mentioning too that with their standard service package, you never have to worry about server updates or security. You hosting account is on a CloudAccess.net Managed server, meaning they take care of all the maintenance on the server side. As expected, you're responsible as site admin for the Joomla core updates and any extensions you install.

Sites have never been hacked

Not a single site that Joomla Detroit has on Cloud Access has been hacked. EVER. While a few websites I've admin'ed on other hosts have been attacked and some comprimised to the point of no return, the sites I admin on CloudAccess.net are 100% clean.

Getting Started with CloudAccess.net

One of the best services that they offer to new customers is that they will migrate your exisiting site over for you. This is huge as it saves you the time and you can keep focused on what really matters, building your website and adding content.

Free Staging URLs
Launch a website on a free subdomain - This has got to be the coolest feature Cloud Access offers. You can basically build your site on a temporary domain (http://freenamehere.cloudaccess.net). When you're ready to go live with your own domain you can purchase that domain through CloudAccess.net or, if you already own a domain name, you can point that domain to your new site hosted with CloudAccess.net

Cloud Access Pricing

First of all, Cloudaccess.net offers you something unheard of in the webhosting industry -- You can start building your website right now absolutely free. You have 30 days to work on it during the start up period. If you happen to fudge it up or something's just not right, you can pitch it and start all over.

Once you are building the site you really want, just add your payment info (Credit Card or Paypal) and you have a full primary account. Now, if you develop more sites later on, you can always add them to your exisiting account, but what's nice is that you can do that at any time.

Please check the CloudAccess.net website for current pricing.

What's included in my hosting plan with Cloud Access?

Joomla! SAAS - What's unique about CloudAccess.net is that the Joomla CMS is wrapped up with hosting support in an all in one package. This is Joomla! Software as a Service, and you have a real benefit of having actual Joomla! support by a living, breathing human being who thoroughly knows Joomla, Hosting, and everything related. These guys are the "Pros". Every staff member is cross trained, and has superior abilities in supporting you and your Joomla sites!

Template and Extension Installs - Once you are a primary account holder, the CloudAccess.net team will actually help you out by installing templates and extensions for you. Be sure to read their restrictions first if you want to take advantage of this offer.

See the full list of the CloudAccess.net Primary Account Holder benefits for more information.

From CloudAccess.net on their services:

Joomla! is a powerful tool to help you build your web presence. By using the CloudAccess.net platform to create a Joomla! site, you don't have to worry about installing and configuring Joomla! All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Joomla! is a revolutionary content management system (CMS) and application framework that allows you to create a website with point and click. Use core Joomla! features or experience Joomla's extensibility by installing 3rd party applications or templates. CloudAccess.net can assist you with every step as you create a dynamic and powerful website for your business. We provide free & live training webinars where you can speak directly with the instructor. We also have a complete Joomla! knowledgebase full of hundreds of how-to documents and videos. You can watch a recorded version of our webinars to learn at your own pace, or you can submit a support ticket or call our team to speak directly with one of our Joomla! engineers. We guarantee that you can build a site just like you see in our webinars.

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