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Why Join a Joomla User Group?

Let me tell you a personal story...

I started working in Joomla back in 2005, and at that time, I had never heard of a Joomla User Group. To me, Joomla! was just a peice of software that could create a website. It took me weeks to get used to it, and I struggled along for the next year or two. I had major crashes, errors all over the place and was really a victim of my own limited knowledge. Installation of an extension or theme was easy... the configuration was a doozy, though and lead to many conflicts and late nights.


Fast forward to last year. I was in my second year at the Detroit Zoological Society and was well immersed in Joomla. At that time, it was still just a peice of software, and I still had my fair share of difficulties. It took a corporate sponsored trip to JoomlaDay Chicago on August 9th and 10th, 2012 to open my eyes to see what Joomla really was.


During that time, I learned that it was so much more than just software or even a great CMS. Joomla is all about community. Joomla is also about helping each other out. No longer did I associate the name with "just a peice of software", but now it became for me a living breathing entity that my livelihood was created around.


Like so many others that I had the privilege to meet there, I was hooked.

Coming back to Michigan, I teamed up with Shane Sevo to lead Joomla Detroit with an energy and dedication that I had felt by others at the conference in Chicago. Pouring heart and soul into giving back to the community that has provided a good living for me, Joomla Detroit is now the fastest growing CMS User Group in Michigan, and at the fifth and sixth spot on Google for "Joomla User Group".

What can you get out of a Joomla User Group?

Joining a Joomla User Group means that you're not alone. That is a major hurdle here in Michigan as everyone else is either stuck with a blogging platform or a user-alienating developer nightmare. When you join a Joomla User Group, you should instantly feel the sense of community and shared passion for "a peice of software". It is in such a group that you can tap into resources you would not have had otherwise, learn and grow with the community, and give and receive assistance to your colleagues.

A Joomla User Group isn't about taking all the information to better yourself, it's a community growth, and with the community you will also grow.

Is Joomla a Cult?

There is no praying to false deities or genuflexing to sacred orbs, but rather, the reason that Joomla is so attractive is that it can offer a person a sense of belonging. Being a part of something excellent, something unique. It is something that not every platform can offer, or even attempts to provide. Joomla is unique, and for that reason, the software has been downloaded over 400,000 times and those who use it for a living, swear by it.

See what Joomla can do for you today!


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