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Joomla User Group

What is a Joomla User Group, and what is Joomla Detroit?

User Groups, in general are groups of individual that share a common interest. User groups meet at predefined times and dates to discuss and learn about the subjects that interest them. There are thousands of user groups in the world, and whatever your interests, I would bet that you could find a user group for that somewhere.

What is a Joomla User Group?

Joomla is an open source content manangement system with over 35 million downloads and is the platform for major entities such as eBay, GE, Ikea, Pizza hut and thousands of other sites! A Joomla User Group, or JUG, is a group of people, whether they be users, admins, developers or integrators, all sharing a common passion for the Joomla CMS that meet, discuss and learn about Joomla and related topics.

Joomla User Groups can be found world wide, and a list of registered user groups can be found here, at http://community.joomla.org/user-groups.html. Joining a Joomla User Group can lead to meeting great people who are passionate about Joomla and their websites. It's a venue to learn, share knowledge and connect. The Joomla User Group Detroit is exactly that...

What is Joomla User Group Detroit?

The Joomla User Group Detroit is comprised of over 300 members that hold meetings monthly to share and learn. The group's "meetups" are tutorial based, and quite often, feature well known Joomla icons such as David Hurley, Community Manager for Joomla and Gabe Wahhab of Savvy Panda to present on various topics during the meetups.

Become a member of Joomla Detroit here Membership is free for all.